Online Networking Events,
that feel like real life - with MixUp

Together we organize your events, trade-shows and lectures, that your guests will remember:
With free movement, real networking and live-atmosphere

You can organise a boring event via Zoom or Teams in a snap - but in the end the webcams remain switched off and no one is engaged.

Let your guests discover an unforgettable online experience with multiple stages, exhibitor booths and networking areas - without having to leave their desks.

"Previously, we simply hosted our Online Events on Zoom. But now our guests can really network in our MixUp Event, just like during an on-site event."

Dr. Thomas Heber

Composites United e.V.
Managing Director CU Leichtbau-Forschung gGmbH

"The praise of our attendees was the confirmation for our decision to use MixUp. Having attendee invitations, exhibitor booth management and live moderation in one tool made my job much easier."

Elisa Bader

Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology

"I was positively surprised by the amount of colleagues, which met for the first time in our virtual event. Our teams from all continents were able to connect, which would not have been possible during the pandemic."

Stefan Fallabeck

Voith Paper

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This is how MixUp Events look

All attendees can freely move between stages, exhibitor booths and networking areas. Human connections and real networking can take place. Maintaining your relationshops can happen online, without any extra download.

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More than 50.000 enchanted attendees...

...visiting countless events from all kinds of industries.

All with the goal to offer their attendees an unforgettable event they wont stop talking about. Whether you host an internal knowledge exchange, product presentations, speaker stages, poster sessions or a networking event.

Composites United
Technische Universität Dresden
SAE Institute

Why your Online Events always feel like meetings that run too long

Non-interactive and boring

Livestreams or video calls only allow you to listen passively and offer only the option to listen passively. Therefore they feel drawn-out and boring.

No connection

Meeting new people and catching up with old partners are the main reasons to attend an event - but this does not work in a live stream.

Complicated setup

Complex software solutions are difficult to use for attendees and take a lot of time for event organizers to set up.


Even though Online events take a lot of work to host, they feel boring and uninspiring. Attendees cannot form new connections and the willingness to participate, in what are essentially too long online meetings, declines.

Do you want to learn how to fix this?

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MixUp Events help you especially, when...

...interactivity and networking between your attendees is key and you want to facilitate new connections.

...the feedback to your previous Online Events was discouraging and didn't generate new leads.

...a real event is too complex, too expensive or flat out not possible to organize.

Why our clients choose MixUp?

Everything under one (virtual) roof

Online Event

Complex technical setups, sometimes using multiple different platforms and services. With every jump between platforms you loose attendees.

MixUp Event

Attendee management, stage programme, free networking and exhibitor areas are combined on one platform.

Human connection between attendees

Online Event

Video calls with hundreds of participants where only select few can actually talk.

MixUp Event

An open room for real connections and as many parallel video chats between participants as you want.

Infinite customization options

Online Event

Simple branding which looks like a plain website with few image and text customization options.

MixUp Event

You have infinite options to design your world and fill it with booths, areas and content in your desired look.

GDPR compliant

No download or setup

German servers

This is how you can work with us

Step 1

Fill out the questionnaire to help us understand what type of event you are planning.

Step 2

If your event can benefit from using MixUp, we call you for our free stategy session with a demo.

Step 3

Together we create a concept for your event and you can start implementing it right away!

What happens in the strategy call?

Together we evaluate the most efficient method you can use to reach and wow your attendees. We showcase various best-practise, so you can get an impression how to structure your event and what possibilities you can unlock using MixUp.

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  1. 1 Onboarding

    After the strategy call you get an overview about the features and costs for your event.

  2. 2 Self-service setup

    We setup your account and a first draft of your world, according to what we talked about in the strategy call, so you can start right away to modify it to your wishes. Then you can invite speakers, exhibitors and attendees to fill your event with life.

  3. 3 Running your event

    During your event you can tend to your attendees and moderate everything to keep your event moving forward.

  4. 4 Detailed reporting

    After the event you and your exhibitors receive a detailed report about the event, including a list of qualified leads.

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The MixUp Founder

  • Oliver Eberlei

    Founder & Managing Director

    Oliver the founder and mastermind behind developing MixUp. He combines experience from the games and the event industry. From the first prototype up to today's version of MixUp he always follows the vision to use games as a way create a joyful experience for online interactions.

    When all events suddenly had to take place online in 2020, he quickly realized that online events are not just a substitute for on-site events, but can develop their very own style. But many online events lack what makes a live event special: real encounters.

    That's why he founded MixUp at the beginning of 2021 to use his decades of expertise as a game developer to develop a tool for online events to make them feel like they do in the real world.

Where is the MixUp team from?

Our headquaters are right in the city center of Düsseldorf, but our team is at home in all of germany. Our online-interaction experience is also fueled by our own experience as a remote team.

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